Weight Loss Package


Are you comfortable in your own skin?
Do you want to lose weight or pick up your fitness level?
Are you tired of looking and feeling the way that you do?

Looking good and feeling great doesn’t just happen over night – we have to choose the healthy options. But losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing your life. And feeling good about yourself can be just a change pf perspective.

I offer 3 month packages for weight loss, fitness training, and coaching to help you think differently about food and activity. I can help people who have challenges with their minds and their bodies. Slow consistency is key to not only shedding the extra pounds, but in keeping it off too, and you can still have have fun.

Let me manage your Movement, Menu and Mindset, because how we feel is who we are.

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Personal Training with Energy Motion Mechanics

Work towards an active, balanced lifestyle for a healthy heart, mind and body.

Transform Your Life